Ren Brabenec in Drug Prevention
November 3, 2018

Tips for Talking to Your Kids About the Lethal Dangers of Opioids

Addiction prevention starts in the home. Furthermore, addiction prevention needs to start younger than most parents probably think, as adolescents are abusing drugs and alcohol at younger and younger ages each year.


Ren Brabenec in Alcohol
October 30, 2018

What Binge Drinking at a Young Age Does to a Person

When young people binge drink, they are more likely to go overboard, they are more likely to have an accident, to get alcohol poisoning, or to experience some other kind of disaster. For these reasons and many others, binge drinking should be avoided.


Ren Brabenec in Dealing with Addiction
October 18, 2018

The Stigma of Addiction and Why It Is Damaging

One cannot deny the fact that the way we perceive something, individually and as a society, greatly affects our ability for better or for worse to control or manage that thing. For example, we view politics as being very complicated and confusing, and so, politics is very complicated and confusing.


Ren Brabenec in Opioid Crisis
October 2, 2018

Almost All U.S. Doctors Overprescribe Opiates: Why?

Recent studies show that nearly all U.S. doctors tend to overprescribe opioid pain reliever drugs when they hand out prescriptions.


Ren Brabenec in Drug overdoses
September 22, 2018

Why Treatment for Drug Addiction has to Continue After Hospital Discharge

Perhaps one of the greatest flaws in our current medical system is how we treat drug addicts and alcoholics who overdose and seek medical treatment at a hospital.


Ren Brabenec in Drugs and Crime
July 29, 2018

Women in Jail Because of Drug Use

Did you know that women in jail are the fastest-growing demographic in correctional populations in the United States? According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, the numbers of women in correctional facilities rose from thirteen-thousand two-hundred to over one-hundred and ten-thousand…


Ren Brabenec in Drug overdoses
July 24, 2018

Drug Abuse Skyrockets to the Top of Preventable Causes of Death

By now it should not come as a surprise to anyone that our country is struggling with a terrible and vicious substance abuse epidemic, a problem so serious that it has ranked first as a public crisis, then a health epidemic, and now a national public health emergency.


Ren Brabenec in Gateway drugs
July 5, 2018

Energy Drinks Now a Companion to Some Drug Abuse Habits

In a recent and startling revelation, we are now seeing a critical link between hospital ER visits involving drug use and involving energy drink consumption as well.


Ren Brabenec in Family Addiction
July 2, 2018

Children: The Hidden Victims of the Opioid Epidemic

Perhaps one of the most overlooked aspects of the current, U.S. drug addiction epidemic is the children that are harmed by their parents’ addictions. In a big way, children are the collateral damage of 21st-century American drug addiction.


How Addiction Treatment Greatly Lowers Violent Tendencies

One of the far-reaching, unfortunate side effects of drug and alcohol abuse is violence. In fact, health professionals and governmental research and survey departments have been able to prove that drug abuse exists as a prevalent and rather cruel incentive for violence.