Expressions of Joy

There are a million different ways the students of the Narconon program express their feelings, realizations, won challenges and life-changing cognitions. Each student is different, each win is unique and incredibly beautiful and rewarding. But one thing is certain—the dedication of the student plus the persistence and care of the staff members here at Narconon Nevada, will achieve the incredible results and wonderful wins that I have seen happening only with the Narconon program.

I am honored to present you my student’s expressions of joy for this past week.

Expressions of Joy


Ups & Downs was difficult at times but the people of my life that were the hardest to confront were the ones I felt the best when I was done. Really grateful for this part of the program, it was nice being able to apologize to and give thanks to the people in my life.


I completed another Objective step and I am happy about it. Davis is an amazing twin and I had sound astounding realizations! I can't wait for the next Objective step, tomorrow!


Today it was another day of pure success with my twin David. I realized that there are really lots of ways to communicate with someone.


I feel a lot more at peace with what I have been through. I found the letters very eye opening and made me realize how wrong I was in my opinion of people that have been in my life.