Avoiding and Preventing Addiction to Drugs

From Africa to Australia to Europe to the mountains of Nepal, Narconon has 52 years of experience returning a majority of drug addicts to the natural state of relaxed abstinence into which 99% of the population is born.

In addition, across those countries and many more, Narconon has learned that by far the main factor responsible for individuals becoming addicted is… LIES.

Young man lying
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Cleverly disguised lies, misleading statements, hype, friendly advice from peer group members, spin, guidance from “professionals” and persuasion from “pushers”, etc.

But the first TRUTH everybody should know is: YOU CAN NEVER BECOME ADDICTED TO A DRUG WHICH YOU NEVER CONSUME! This is because it is SOLELY AND ONLY the ingestion of addictive drugs which causes, creates and develops an addiction to them.

This is why drug baron and local pushers will, amongst other inducements, so often offer discounted or even free-of-charge samples of cannabis, crack cocaine, heroin, and skunk, etc. It is why so-called “mates” will get you to share a toke or joint with them as a gesture of friendship.

It is also why misguided psychiatrists and doctors, under the umbrella of research grants from pharmaceutical companies, and pressured by aggressive sales techniques by these same companies, will write you a 7-day, 3-times-a-day prescription for Valium or another member of the benzodiazepine family of addictive drugs. They will do this if you happen to be a bit depressed at the loss of your partner or (worse still) your dog, or anxious about some personal situation.

Drug education, prevention training, and addiction avoidance courses can all be good ways of passing on truthful and useful advice to the younger members of our communities. However, beware of “Harm Reduction Advice or Guidance” which has become the biggest lie of all when it is positioned as “Drug-Ed” for non-users.

Originally Harm Reduction ideas were intended only for already-committed addicts in order to minimize the amount of harm their addiction was doing to them. As a result messages such as: “How to choose your drugs”, “How to use drugs responsibly”, and “How to inject safely”, etc., were valid subjects, intended to help them avoid overdosing, HIV, AIDS, and hepatitis, etc.

But these same messages, when directed at non-users, tend to develop the idea that taking drugs might—after all—be okay, and lead to experimenting with drugs and lead to the trap of addiction.

Another major factor leading to the trap of addiction is alcohol in all its forms. Even in small amounts it reduces one’s judgment, sense of caution and “wise” thinking, and leaves you exposed to making drunken, irrational decisions you would not otherwise have considered.

Which brings us back to what has always been and still is THE SAFEST RULE OF ALL:

Say “NO” to Drugs… which of course includes alcohol!


E. Kenneth Eckersley

Born 12 October,1927 in Liverpool, England. Former Local Council Chairman and Retired Magistrate and Justice of the Peace. Founded the Society for an Addiction Free Existence (SAFE) in 1974 followed by Addiction Recovery Training Services (ARTS) and Addiction Withdrawal Advisory Services & Help (AWASH) all of which are not-for-profit community support groups where Ken Eckersley is the C.E.O. Ken insists that: The only sane, humane and viable definition for RECOVERY from Drink and Drug Addiction Starts With: “A lasting return from the debased state of addiction victim - to the natural condiion of relaxed abstinence into which 99% of the population is born.“