Ask Narconon Graduates What They Think About Their Future


Narconon believes that addiction is neither inherited nor an incurable disease that requires indefinite treatment. Nor is an addict an addict for life. The Narconon program consists of unique procedures to assist addicts to overcome drug or alcohol dependencies and its damaging effect.

The program’s goal is a drug-free individual.

Success Stories

I have learned a lot from this program.

I have sweated out all the toxins in my body. I have learned how to live in Present Time. I have left the past behind me and are now moving forward in my sober life. I learned anger management and patience to no end. I have learned how to look at a situation and evaluate it and see what I need to keep and what's not working and how to change that.

Zach—Narconon Student

So the whole story of Narconon, Wow!

Well, first was the tree house [the Drug-Free Withdrawal facility], I liked it there. I could be myself there. I met Eric and James down there. All awesome people. Next I came up to the house and met everyone. People here were warm and kind. Made me feel welcome. Then onto sauna. Man did I sweat! But I felt really good afterwards. I had more energy, I was sleeping better. Eating normally again. Then came objectives. Darn did I lose my mind! I started talking and singing like Elvis but I regained my state of mind.

Overcoming Ups & Downs was next. Boy was that intense. It was a ton of emotions coming out. I figured out a lot about people I thought “I knew.” Then I wrote down all of the harmful acts I had done and all of the secrets connected to these. I opened my soul and extracted all of the crap I did not only to myself but everyone and everything else. That was intense. Then I did my Battle Plan. That was simple. I knew my mom was happy I decided to become an intern here at Narconon. No hurdles there.

Then the Conditions. This part I feel like I got the most out of. I now feel much better about a lot of things and I'm damn sure that now I can keep prograssing in life and live it sober and happy. Thanks to this program and a big thanks to all that have helped me along the way.

Love you guys :-)

Matt—Narconon Student

When I first arrived here at Narconon I was very broken, unhappy and angry. I did not want to be here and was fighting very hard to leave and return home.

Thankfully my parents did not allow that because I would have got right back to using. While my ethics handlings were not exactly easy, I appreciate why I had to do them. After Objectives I found myself really in present time and got along with my twin. Lots of emotions and thoughts and I feel I did great. I also feel really good regarding writing down all of the harmful acts and the secrets connected to these. While I was working on my conditions, one of my biggest realizations was that drugs were not the only problem I needed to fix and that only trying to fix the problem was like only gluing one piece of piece of humpty-dumpty back together and leaving the rest on the ground. I also realized in order to be happy and successful in life I had to make myself content with who I am and what I was doing before anything else could fall into place. I feel like I really put in the heart and effort to get through my program and put myself on the road to recovery, sobriety, success and happiness.

Abe—Narconon Student


Tony Bylsma

Tony Bylsma has been working for Narconon as a counselor, administrator and educator in various areas of the US for many years. In addition to helping people overcome their addictions and live drug-free lives, Tony has spoken to over six hundred thousand students, parents and professionals regarding drug abuse and effective abuse prevention. This year Tony is celebrating his 40th year of sobriety!