Today I Feel Amazing

I feel and look healthier than I ever have

“Today I feel amazing. I have spent 17 days on the sauna portion of my program and I can tell it has helped me tremendously. I sleep at least eight hours a night, have all my energy back and feel and look healthier than I ever have.” — B.B.


…I’m excited to move on in my program.

“I feel a great sense of relief. I completed the section on my relationship to society and got passed on it and now I’m moving on to my relationship to the rest of life. I feel so much better. I’ve confronted my demons thus far and I’m excited to move on in my program.” —J. D.

…my relationship with my family has made significant progress.

I’m very happy today because my relationship with my family has made significant progress. When I got here I had burned a lot of bridges, but I have worked hard to repair them. It has taken some time to do but it has been very cathartic to do so! —J.B.

My story is simple…

My story is simple. I know now that this course has made me understand what I’ve done and how I’ve affected my life and the people around me. At first I didn’t understand why we were doing this, but now I get it. Now that I’m ready for society again, I know that I will do my absolute best to never revisit these moments in my life. —D.S.


Tony Bylsma

Tony Bylsma has been working for Narconon as a counselor, administrator and educator in various areas of the US for many years. In addition to helping people overcome their addictions and live drug-free lives, Tony has spoken to over six hundred thousand students, parents and professionals regarding drug abuse and effective abuse prevention. This year Tony is celebrating his 40th year of sobriety!